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Endure Multisport
We are a diverse group of individuals united by our common passion for multisports. We swim, we bike, we run. We train to hone our bodies and spirits, and race to test how far we have gone. Every now and then we reach a high point in our individual journey towards sports achievement. When those moments come, we fulfill the promise of our slogan: ordinary people doing extra-ordinary things.

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Tri Manila

The Power of Believing

By Kazimira Kira Ang

Introduction by Marga Uy-Baula

The best part about this craziness is the growth of a run-off-the-mill individual to that of an athlete; from a struggling runner, biker, and swimmer to an adequate one… to, if you work hard enough,  a podium finisher. Be inspired by Kira’s story of falling down, feeling awkward in the ministrations of a stroke or a pedal but most importantly, getting up, dusting yourself off,  laughing at yourself even… and knowing, really knowing that after all the hardwork, you know that you have proven yourself worthy, not to anyone else, but to yourself and to this ballet of a sport called triathlon.

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endure subit

by Noelle de Guzman (repost from her personal blog http://kikayrunner.com)

While there was a lot of fast-paced action on Day 1 of the Asian Triathlon Championships (double-billed as the Subic Bay International Triathlon), most of the people in Subic were age groupers there for Day 2, when they would compete. For my second standard distance, I definitely felt like I crammed my training just a bit. Would I beat my previous time? There was only one way to find out. [Read More...]



IMG_88338026632101On March 27, 2014, Endure Multisport officially turns 4 years old.  When team founders Rico Villanueva and Joel Ramos finally agreed to formalize into a team their growing community of aspiring triathletes, they were very keen on one thing:  knowing who we are as a team, and what we represent and aspire for. The team will be a collaboration of the fast and the slow, of natural athletes who pour everything out on every single race and ordinary Joes who are in for the fit lifestyle and self-actualization through sports.  Joel is the natural sprinter, preferring the fast and furious distances over the long and slow. Rico on the other hand is classic marathoner, slower but steady.

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Swim Equipment

Swimming goggles are practically important part of your swimming gear. It protects your eyes from damage and see where you are going.  There are lots of styles of swimming goggles, so consider the fit when you are buying.     Swim caps are worn in order to protect loose hairs which fall from the scalp of swimmers who are not wearing a cap. Competitive swim caps are made of … [...]

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